Month: July 2019

Why should you take out life insurance?

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  Surely, at some point in your life you have considered hiring life insurance with questions such as: does it compensate for this expense or is it not necessary? In some personal situations something very useful and even essential is done , such as when you have children or have a mortgage. What is important […]

How do I get a loan to pay Inheritance

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Within our wonderful Spain, depending on the Autonomous Community to which you fit in, receiving an inheritance may become a poison dart for the economy. And am say the poisoning simply because there may be cases where you have no money to pay the feared and unfair Inheritance plus Donation Tax. Preparing Acceptance of Gift […]

Why should you start using electronic money?

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Although Colombia is still a country where the tendency to pay with cash is maintained rather than with a card, there are many reasons to start changing this practice. But what is the payment with electronic money? Basically in using both debit and credit cards to cancel accounts. Of course, this is not an invitation […]

Alert! Are you going to use your credit card to finance your business?

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It is normal that when you want to finance your own business and do not have capital for it, look for alternatives such as business loans or personal loans. That is acceptable if you have a good payment plan and the responsibility to comply; However, the worst idea you can have is to use your […]