Younited Credit- Loan between individuals up to $ 50,000 without endorsement

Younited Credit: Cheaper credit, no banks
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Features Analysis

Younited Credit : A cheaper credit, without banks (APR 9.39%)

What type of financing does Younited Credit offer? Fast credits , Loans without endorsement , Loans without payroll
What is the maximum credit Younited Credit grants? € 50,000
And the minimum? € 1,000
How much can I have in the first loan? € 50,000
Is the first loan free and interest-free? NO
Do you have other offers? NO
What is the maximum period that Younited Credit allows to return the money? 84 months
And the minimum return period? 6 months
How long does it take to give me an answer? 48 hours (From the arrival of the complete file)
In what time will I be able to have the money? 7 days approximately
Do I need to have a payroll to access Younited Credit mini-credits? NO
Will Younited Credit request a guarantee from me? NO
Will my application be denied if I am on Credit Checker? YES
What is the maximum debt Younited Credit allows in Credit Checker? € 0
Can I request a loan from Younited Credit if I am a company? NO
What if I am self-employed? YES
Will you accept my application if I am unemployed? YES
What if I am a pensioner? YES
Is there a maximum age to request a loan with Younited Credit? 70 years
And a minimum age? 18 years
Are there any other requirements? Stable income
Can I use Instantor to validate my data? NO
Early cancellation and possibility of extension
Can I cancel my credit early? YES, total or partial
Does the cancellation imply any expense or savings in the total cost of the loan? For free
Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
What are the costs and expenses of extending the credit? Fee
Other data
Do you have a simulator on your website? YES
Does your simulator include the loan costs? YES
And the extra costs like the extensions? YES
What means does Younited Credit offer to receive my money? Wire transfer
Can I receive the money with Hal-Cash? NO
And what are the accepted ways to return it? Direct debit
Which banks do you work with to streamline procedures? Do not specify
Form of financing through Younited Credit
Monthly installment payment with configurable fee

Apply for credit See simulator

Younited Credit: Analysis and Opinion

Highlights: Fixed and stable rate

Online loan of up to 40,000 US dollars without endorsement Younited Credit makes use of new technologies and the idea of ​​a marketplace, so popular in the online world, to create a different concept of credit, which, instead of being granted by an entity, is supported by the contributions of individual investors . Financing formulas do not stop evolving.

In other words, instead of being a bank or a finance company who provide the capital, it is private investors who with their money facilitate loans to other individuals .

Requirements to apply for a loan at Younited Credit

One of the great advantages that Younited Credit presents compared to bank financing is that there is no need to present guarantees . All that is required is to be able to demonstrate financial solvency with a stable income . There is, therefore, no need to fear a property seizure, since it is not required to put the deeds of the apartment itself or leave any other asset as collateral.

Apart from that, the requirements are as simple as those requested in any microcredit. Be between 18 and 70 years old , reside in the United States, and must not appear on any delinquency list .

Now, taking into account that the amounts to be requested can be high, it must be understood that the response to the request is made based on a detailed solvency study . This means that depending on the capital and the term that we mark as a preference, a monthly installment will be established , and Younited Credit will study each economic situation to evaluate whether or not said installment is acceptable with our current income and the obligations that we have already acquired.

Based on this study is how the credit will be approved or not .

How much money can be requested and repayment terms

Another aspect that makes this product very interesting is the amount of money that we can request. Outside of traditional bank loans, it is difficult to find products that allow you to obtain large amounts.

In this sense, Younited Credit loans are the closest thing to a bank loan but without many of its drawbacks. We do not need endorsements, or interviews, or long study processes or processes that go on forever.

The minimum amount of the credits granted is 1,000 US dollars , with the possibility of receiving up to 50,000 US dollars in the case of meeting the necessary solvency requirements, which gives the possibility of facing practically any project, no matter how expensive it may be. . Travel, renovations, a wedding, and even a credit reunification that saves money in the long term.

Regarding the deadlines, we have several pre-established possibilities. The return periods that you can choose from are: 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months .

In this way, by having the flexibility to distribute the return of the capital over a period that ranges between 2 and 7 years, we can ask for large amounts without the fee being too high.

Finally, it should be noted that these credits are established at a fixed interest rate , so there are no surprises or variations in relation to what is agreed in the beginning. There is no danger, therefore, that throughout the life of the loan we will not see an increase in the cost of credit or its monthly payment.

How to apply for a Younited Credit loan

Between the 10 minutes that it usually takes for a response when applying for a microcredit online and the several weeks it takes to fulfill all the requirements that a bank requires to grant a loan, Younited Credit offers a middle ground .

It must be borne in mind that, in many cases, we are not talking about credits of a lower amount, and that behind this project there are a series of investors to whom Younited Credit has to respond, therefore, it is normal that a certain amount is required time to do an in-depth study of the solvency level to minimize risks.

The request for these credits is made through an online form , in the style of the popular mini-credits, at the end of it, with the information we have provided, a first assessment is made, which can be positive or negative . If the latter case occurs, the process does not advance further because according to the systems established for risk analysis, it will have been detected that either the requirements are not met, or the amounts and terms indicated are not viable with the income level. that is declared.

Now, if the credit turns out to be pre-approved, there is still one more step to complete, which is to document the information provided . And it is, once this documentation is received, when a definitive answer is obtained within 48 hours .

Based on this study is how the credit will be approved or not .

Loan payment

With the loan approved and the money deposited in the account, we can only comply with the payment of the installments established throughout the duration of the credit . As already indicated, these installments are fixed and immovable , except in the case of early amortization .

If during this period we wish to amortize part of the capital in advance, there is no major problem. By means of a bank transfer the money is entered , and we can choose between maintaining the quota and reducing the term, or maintaining the duration of the credit and establishing a new lower quota. What in no case occurs is an increase in it.

Of course, the fees must be paid on the date set, since otherwise Younited Credit may apply late penalties .

The other side of the coin: investors

But Younited Credit has a second aspect that may also interest us, such as the possibility of acting as an investor - that is, as a lender - instead of requesting money.

What Younited Credit does is neither more nor less than to mediate between one another and carry out the work of risk assessment and repayment management. With this work, they organize the credits into a kind of “investment funds” that investors can buy. As with any other fund, those who take higher risks can reap more benefits, while those seeking security have a more modest return.

Why choose to be an investor in these types of products? There are usually several reasons. One is obtaining good returns with a moderate level of risk . It is not a question of obtaining great benefits for very high interests, but the money placed in these products usually yields more than in a bank deposit. And on the other hand, investors know that they are putting their money at the disposal of people who really need it for their projects, and not in the hands of speculators whose contribution to the real economy is practically nil.

In any event, and despite the fact that Younited Credit's filter greatly reduces the possibility of losses , it must not be forgotten that, as with any other investment, these can occur. For this reason, the company places great emphasis that only professional investors, capable of understanding the nature of the risks they assume, join the project.

Contact details

If you want to contact Younited Credit, you have the option of contacting them using the form they offer on their page, sending an email, or contacting them by phone.


When it comes to evaluating Younited Credit , it should be noted that its advantages far outweigh its possible disadvantages. The possibility of obtaining financing for high amounts, at an acceptable interest rate, and with the speed that online entities offer are just some of them, but other aspects should not be overlooked, such as that it is not necessary to present guarantees.

It could be concluded that Younited Credit's proposal is summarized in bringing together the best of online and bank loans . On the one hand, simplicity and speed of management, on the other, access to large amounts at a moderate interest.

If we pay the loans in the established deadlines, those who benefit are the investors who have put their money for the project, which in turn will attract new investors and make more liquidity available to the users of the platform.

But on the other side, that of investment, it is not clear that everything is so beautiful. Despite risk control, there is always a certain percentage of loans that are defaulted , and although investors do not invest in a specific loan, but in a fund that groups several of them, thus minimizing risk, it must be clear that they are not It is no bargain nor the benefits are guaranteed.

What cannot be discussed in any case is the transparency that this company shows when it comes to raising its business model. If we apply for a loan we know exactly how much we will pay in advance, while in the case of investors, a lot of emphasis is placed on remembering that it is not a project for apprentices, but that it is focused solely on professional investors.

Based on this study is how the credit will be approved or not .

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eduardo martinez 02/07/20
I am Mexican and I live in Mexico, Pensioner (950 US dollars per month) CAN I ACCESS A DOMICILED CREDIT to reunify debts? or where do you recommend me ???
RegBio Loan 02/10/20
Hello Eduardo, you can consult our page in Mexico and compare between the different entities that appear in the list. You just have to fill in the form of the entity or entities you choose, in this way they will do a study with which they will tell you whether the loan is approved or not.
john smith 04/06/20
How can I get a loan of 50,000 US dollars?
RegBio Loan 07/04/20
Hello John, we are missing data to recommend any entity. You can look at our installment loan lists, or at the debt reunification list, where you will find loans that fit the amounts you are looking for. If you have any questions or need us to help you, you can contact our chat service from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can also contact us on the phone 91 060 85 48 at the same time.

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