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Credit: The most flexible credit, the lowest interest
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Features Analysis

Creditea : The most flexible credit, the lowest interests (APR 24.9%)

What type of financing does Creditea offer? Fast credits , Loans without endorsement , Loans without payroll
What is the maximum credit granted by Creditea? € 5,000
And the minimum? € 500
How much can I have in the first loan? € 5,000
Is the first loan free and interest-free? NO
Do you have other offers? NO
What is the maximum term that Creditea allows to return the money? 36 months
And the minimum return period? 2 months
How long does it take to give me an answer? Immediate
In what time will I be able to have the money? 15 minutes if banks coincide yes no 24 / 48h
Do I need to have a payroll to access the Creditea mini-credits? NO
Is Creditea going to request a guarantee? NO
Will my application be denied if I am on Credit Checker? YES
What is the maximum debt that Creditea allows in Credit Checker? € 0
Can I request a credit from Creditea if I am a company? NO
What if I am self-employed? According to solvency
Will you accept my application if I am unemployed? According to solvency
What if I am a pensioner? According to solvency
Is there a maximum age to request a loan with Creditea? 70 years
And a minimum age? 18 years
Are there any other requirements? Required monthly income
Can I use Instantor to validate my data? NO
Early cancellation and possibility of extension
Can I cancel my credit early? YES
Does the cancellation imply any expense or savings in the total cost of the loan? Interest savings
Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
What are the costs and expenses of extending the credit? Fees + initial loan amount
Other data
Do you have a simulator on your website? YES
Does your simulator include the loan costs? YES
And the extra costs like the extensions? NO
What means does Creditea offer to receive my money? Wire transfer
Can I receive the money with Hal-Cash? NO
And what are the accepted ways to return it? Transfer / Paypal / Debit card
Which banks do you work with to streamline procedures? Santander Bank
Form of financing through Creditea
Monthly installment payment with configurable fee

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Creditea: Analysis and opinion

Highlights: Line of credit up to € 5,000

Creditea - Up to 3,000 US dollars in the form of a quick loan or line of credit

Creditea is a company with extensive experience that offers you fast financing, with all the guarantees of transparency and is specialized in two specific products, installment loans and lines of credit .

With regard to the first of them, it is possible to access a loan of between 500 and 5,000 US dollars with a maximum repayment term of 36 months . With a line of credit , the customer has the money when he needs it and will only pay the interest on the amount used , around 80% APR on both products .

Quick loan or line of credit?

The quick loan and the line of credit are two completely different products that have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are not designed to meet the same needs , and therefore the client will have to determine, first of all, which of them best suits their particular situation.

Thus, the quick loan is the best possible choice if what is needed is immediate liquidity for a maximum of 5,000 US dollars to face any unforeseen expense , being able to later return the money comfortably month by month within the established period (being able to extend this to 36 months).

Therefore, it is still a kind of traditional loan in which the client is the one who chooses the amount and the repayment term, and has the great advantage that since it is an always equal installment, it can be integrated as a fixed expense within the family economy.

The possibility of making partial or total repayments without penalty is another point in favor , since it is possible to reduce the total amount to be paid if some extra income is received during the term of the loan and it is dedicated to this purpose.

From the customer area of ​​the Creditea website, these repayments can be made quickly and directly, being able to even cancel the loan at any time , and achieve significant savings in interest payments.

The flexibility of this product does not consist only in the wide margin that is available for the repayment of the credit, but also the possibility that some month things will be crooked is contemplated. Faced with this possibility, taking a "month off", or what is the same, not paying the corresponding fee, is an option that the client has and that can be activated just by communicating it to Creditea.

But as interesting as an installment loan of these characteristics may be, it does not always fit what everyone needs. There are clients who prefer to be granted a line of credit because they do not need a one-off injection of money, but rather constant and prolonged financing . That is why it is a very good option if liquidity is going to be needed on a recurring basis for several months.

To this factor is also added that it is the client himself who personally organizes the withdrawals and refunds of money without having to follow set deadlines, allowing total freedom in money management.

With the credit line, the client can choose from 500 to 5,000 US dollars , but the difference will be that the interest to be paid will not be calculated on that total, but on the amount arranged.

That is, after granting the credit line, the client has that money at his disposal in his private area, being able to withdraw the amount he wants to his checking account at any time. It is on this amount that the interest payment would be calculated . In addition, the maximum term in this case is extended from 24 to 36 months.

Although the first transfer made from the credit line to the checking account has a zero cost , subsequent transfers will be subject to a commission of 3.90% on the amount transferred. That is why the more transfers are made, the higher the accumulated costs of the service will be , so that the client must find the right balance between withdrawing large amounts -which imply a higher interest payment- or making frequent withdrawals of small amounts, which is penalized with the aforementioned commission.

As with the loan, the client who contracts a line of credit with Creditea will also have the possibility of repaying debt whenever he wishes, thus reducing costs. Of course, the minimum payment that you must make every month to cancel the debt will be 10 US dollars.

For both one product and another, Creditea has an active online service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which allows access to its private area and to be able to consult or carry out accounting movements.

Request money with Creditea

The money request process with Creditea is fast, agile and very intuitive, as is common in most companies that offer online credits. Through the internet in just 15 minutes, the entire process can be completed.

With access to the Creditea website, a first form is located where the client must enter only their ID and a mobile phone number where they receive a security code that will be required later to complete the procedure and check that both the DNI and the number phone numbers are authentic.

Next, we proceed to fill in a second form that already deals with the general aspects of the request for money , such as the required amount (always between 500 and 5,000 US dollars) and the term of return of the same , and then finish with complete personal and contact information.

It is from this information that the Creditea experts department studies the possible viability of the application . In a period of approximately a quarter of an hour, a definitive response is obtained, communicated either by email or by mobile phone by SMS message.

If the answer has been affirmative, it would still be necessary to accept the credit in the Creditea customer area so that it is made official and in this way the transfer to the current account of the requested amount is given.

Because traditional banking processes are not so fast, it may happen that, despite the fact that Creditea has ordered the transfer, it takes between 24 and 48 hours for it to arrive at its destination , although it is not usual.

Credit repayment

The money return process is preferably carried out through the client's personal area on the company's website , and the operation can be carried out at any time of the day. Creditea allows you to choose between different options to make this deposit, being able to choose the one that is most appropriate between the traditional bank transfer , payment by debit card or the increasingly common payment by Paypal .

In case of not being able to access a computer, it is possible to make the payment by phone , by calling 902 80 00 10 and indicating the debit card number. And finally, the transfer can be ordered from the bank itself, indicating the customer number in observations for correct identification.

In addition to this wide variety of payment formulas, the other aspect to highlight is the amortization of debt, or even early cancellation without any type of penalty .

Attracted by fast money, many people do not pay enough attention to the conditions that must be met for the return of the money, in which usually the highest burden of commissions and interest is found.

On the website itself, the general conditions that govern each of these products are established , so it is the applicant's obligation to review them, since, otherwise, they may be accepting obligations with which they are not satisfied. Unfortunately, these texts are usually written in a fairly technical language, so if you are not clear about any point, it is worth resorting to specialized advice.

Contact information

Creditea offers us long hours to be able to contact them and answer questions or request information. The company offers service from Monday to Sunday for 12 hours uninterrupted. During this long period we will be able to get in touch with them and they will assist us in a quick and qualified way.

  • Monday to Sunday: 9am - 9pm

Creditea Phone

The possibility to get in touch with this company is very wide because it offers several ways of contact both by phone and email. The telephone they have is Customer Service and we must call during the stipulated hours. On the other hand, if we opt for e-mail, we can contact them at any time of the day and our doubts will be answered in a short period of time.

Location Credit

Creditea is headquartered in Ohio, specifically at Avenida de la Albufera 153 (28038). If we want we can approach this address and we will be attended by the staff.

Creditea - Location of the Creditea headquarters

Opinions about Creditea

Consulting various forums, the opinions for Creditea are usually quite positive . The most striking thing for customers is the speed with which they process their requests and their subsequent approval . Users positively value the fact that the amount of the credit line is increased, without added expenses, if it is paid regularly and without delay . If it is true that some users complain that the APR is a bit high, with the interest being a little higher than usual . But let's remember that we are talking about products that offer a higher maximum of money than the classic mini loans. The minimum amount of 10 US dollars to be paid in each installment is also positive since it allows clients to moderate their monthly expenses and integrate them seamlessly into the family finances . The early amortization on both products is also highly valued by its customers.

Alternatives to Creditea

As for the alternatives that we can find in the market, Cofidis can also help us when requesting a loan , since it offers up to 4000 US dollars to be returned in a minimum of 13 months that can be extended to 41 if we choose to pay the lower monthly fee .

Currency by amounts is also a company to take into account, it is also a point in favor that they will study the applicant's profile even if he is enrolled in the Credit Checker, this being not decisive . Amounts of up to 5000 US dollars can be requested to be returned in 3 years .

Finally, if we want to use our vehicle as collateral, with Gedesco we have the possibility of requesting up to 10,000 US dollars depending on the model and characteristics of our car. No need for a guarantee since the guarantee is our own vehicle. The main advantage is that the vehicle can continue to be used for a rental fee .

Does Creditea accept Credit Checker?

Although Creditea does not accept requests from clients with Credit Checker , if the reason why you are in this file is related to non-bank debts of an amount less than 150 US dollars , you probably will not have problems obtaining financing as long as you guarantee that you have of a sufficient solvency capacity to face the repayment of the credit without problems.

Conclusion: Why choose Creditea?

Creditea has sought to differentiate itself from its competitors through a market strategy where the greatest beneficiary is the customer. Better conditions, less interest, longer terms, more convenient payment ... Creditea boasts a service that reflects the three essential principles of the company: transparency, ethics and flexibility.

For these reasons, Creditea is presented as one of the best alternatives for people who need an immediate injection of liquidity , without the limitation of 300 US dollars that microcredits have , or for those who need to have a regular fund with which to finance themselves .

Frequently asked questions about Creditea

What amount of money does Creditea grant?

Although Creditea offers us the possibility of requesting a line of credit from € 100 to € 5,000 , the final amount approved will depend on our solvency capacity based on our income and personal data.

How long does Creditea take to deposit the money?

The time that elapses from when we send our request to the entity, until we finally receive the payment of the credit in our account, ranges from 24 to 48 hours.

And it is that although the confirmation of Creditea takes place in just a few minutes, the delay of the transfer is due to external factors motivated by the very nature of the banks.

What is the period allowed for its return?

The return period accepted by Creditea ranges from 61 days to 36 months.

It will depend on the amount we request that we decide to opt for a longer or shorter term, depending on our needs and comfort.

Does Creditea allow you to return a credit early?

Indeed, Creditea does allow us to return our credit before the date set in our contract, without thereby assuming the cost of any type of commission.

We can manage the early refund by contacting Creditea at 902 800 00 10.

What forms of payment does Creditea accept?

Creditea offers us different payment methods to collect the refund, although they recommend activating the recurring card payment option .

It is also possible to make a bank transfer, or use our debit card.

For any questions, Creditea advises asking for help from its customer service, which you can contact by email: , or by calling 902 80 00 10.

Is it possible to change the payment date?

Yes, we can choose the date that we decide without any type of restriction . We can make a first change of date for free, and the following ones having to assume a cost of € 5.

From Creditea it is recommended to choose the dates on which we receive the income from our main source of financing.

Is there the possibility of contracting an extension with Creditea?

Creditea offers the option of contracting a credit extension, only if we have previously paid 6 consecutive installments of our credit.

Although this service has no cost, we must not forget that the interests of the late installment will accumulate in our account by increasing the amount of the following installments.

In the event that we comply with this requirement, we can manage the extension or "respite month" through our personal area at Creditea, or if we prefer by calling 902 80 00 10.

What are the consequences of not paying the monthly installments?

The Creditea payments department will claim the payment of the debt, through telephone calls that may lead to legal actions by the entity in the event that the default situation is prolonged.

Regarding the cost that we will have to assume due to non-payment, Creditea applies a late payment interest of an additional 0.05 % for each day of delay, charges € 35 as a reminder of the payment , and a commission of 20% of the unpaid amount .

What operations can be carried out from the personal area of ​​Creditea?

The Personal Area of ​​Creditea allows the consultation of all the information of our credit line , offering us the opportunity to consult the data of our contract, its balance, how to make payments, check our movements and activation of the recurring payment, among others.

When can we ask for more money from the credit line

In order to use the money from a line of credit, it will be necessary to have a favorable balance . So we can only withdraw the money we need as we make the payment for your return.

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Comments and opinions

Samuel 09/07/17
Hello, Creditea DOES NOT ACCEPT applications with Credit Checker. I have applied for 500 US dollars with payroll and indefinite work and they do not accept application. 11/24/17
Hello Samuel, Normally Credit like many other companies accept Credit Checker as long as the debt is not bank and does not exceed the maximum amount allowed by the entity. In the list of most requested loans with Credit Checker on our website you will find other options available where you can get the loan you need. 11/24/17
Hi Pedro, The maximum credit granted by Creditea is € 3,000, you can visit the list of loans without collateral on our website and find credits for the amount you are looking for and even higher.

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