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List of quick and easy loans in Argentina (November 2020)

Below we have compiled the best online loans of the moment with which to obtain fast loans with very few requirements and sending the minimum documentation very easily and simply.

Free With Veraz
Loan Amount and term characteristics
Accepts True negative
$ 20,000 from 1,000 4 months from 1 month
  • Money in account in 1 business hour
  • Without presenting documentation 100% online
  • Demonstrable income
  • Age greater than 6 months
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Quick approval, without documentation Entity: Advances Maximum first loan: From $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 Repayment period: From 1 month to 4 months Response time: Immediate Time to obtain the money: 1 business hour Is the first credit free? NO Cost: $ 10,000 to 3 installments: $ 20,001
(TEA 1239%)
Characteristics and requirements: No salary receipt No endorsement Accept Negative truthfulness Minimum age: 18 years Does it allow early cancellation? YES Is there a possibility of an extension? NO Ways to receive the money: Bank transfer
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Online loan intermediaries and intermediaries
According to entity
Accepts True negative
According to entity since 1,000 Payment deferred from 30 days
  • Free analysis without obligation
  • Process through App Swipe Credit
  • They are mediators do not grant loans
  • Necessary regular income
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Money in account in 48 hours according to entity : Kreditiweb Maximum first loan: From $ 1,000 to According to entity Return period: From 30 days to Deferred payment Response time: 2 minutes Time to obtain the money: 48 hours Is the first credit free ? NO Cost: Not specified
(Variable TEA)
Characteristics and requirements: No salary receipt No endorsement Accept Negative truth Minimum age: 18 years Does it allow early cancellation? YES Is there a possibility of an extension? YES (Expenses: According to entity) Ways to receive the money: Bank transfer
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Frequently asked questions about online loans

What is the procedure for obtaining an online loan like?

The first step is to choose the financial service to be used and register on their website with ID, telephone number, email and bank account number.

Next, you must enter the amount to request and the term to cancel it .

How much is the amount we can request?

Depending on the type of loan, these are the amounts that we can request:

  • Personal and consumer loans : $ 1,000 minimum and $ 120,000 maximum within 12 to 60 months.
  • UVA Home Loans : Up to $ 15,000,000 to purchase a home in up to 30 years.
  • Pledge Loans : $ 10,000 minimum and $ 800,000 maximum within 36 months.
  • Loans via overdraft agreement : They have no limits but must be canceled in 30 calendar days.
  • Online loans : $ 1,000 minimum and $ 15,000 maximum within a period of 3 to 72 months

What are the requirements to obtain an online credit in Argentina?

The main requirements to apply for a loan in Argentina are:

  • Be an Argentine citizen or resident .
  • Be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Be an employee, monotributista or retiree with regular income .
  • Complete the required information at the time of registration.

What documentation do we need to present?

An online loan requires less documentation than a traditional loan. However, they will often ask you for the following information:

  • DNI . It is necessary to prove your identity and confirm that you are an Argentine citizen.
  • Proof of income . The presentation of these vouchers will depend on the chosen lender.
  • CBU number or bank account . In some cases, it will not be necessary if you choose an extra-bank collection network.

Once the loan is granted, no additional documentation will be required .

When and how are loans received?

The confirmation of the requested loan is through a text message or email. It is received 15 minutes after the request is processed .

The loan will be credited to the bank account you have provided when registering in less than 24 hours .

Some lenders allow the money to be withdrawn at the branch of a collection network, such as PagoFácil or Rapipago .

Does it have any cost to apply for a loan online?

Applying for a loan online has no cost; it is 100% free . However, you must take into account the interest applicable to the installments of your loan and take into account that these can be fixed or variable rate .

Also, in addition to the interest calculated in the installments, you must bear in mind that not meeting the monthly payments will also generate interest on the total amount to be returned according to the days in arrears.

Can you get a loan with negative Truth?

Lender platforms offer negative truthful online loans . If you are in El Veraz , when you register and complete your information, you will receive a list of financial services available for your particular case.

Online loans with negative truthfulness grant amounts of up to $ 10,000, to be repaid within a period of 15 days to a few months .

Some companies grant loans without a salary receipt , but it is more common that if you are monotax, they ask you for the last 3 monotax vouchers.

In a dependency relationship, they will ask you for the last 3 pay stubs. In both cases, it is likely that they will ask you to have a minimum seniority of 6 months to 1 year and, in the case of monotax, that your category is D or higher.

With negative Veraz, it is a requirement to have a bank account in your name.

How can we pay the return of the online credit granted?

One of the options to make the return of the credit online is through automatic debit in your bank account .

The repayment channels for these loans will depend on each particular financial service, but it is likely that you can also make a bank transfer to an account provided by the lender or make a payment in a collection network .

In case of not being able to make the payment of a fee, interest will be applied according to the days in arrears. In these cases, it is advisable to contact the chosen financial service to notify them of the delay and try to reach a solution.

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