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Sofkredit: The home equity loan that best suits your needs
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Sofkredit : The home equity loan that best suits your needs (APR 3%)

What type of financing does Sofkredit offer? Debt Reunification , Credit Checker Loans, Non-payroll Loans
What is the maximum credit granted by Sofkredit? € 500,000
And the minimum? € 10,000
How much can I have in the first loan? 30% home value
Is the first loan free and interest-free? NO
Do you have other offers? YES
What is the maximum period that Sofkredit allows to return the money? 20 years
And the minimum return period? 10 years
How long does it take to give me an answer? 1 to 48 hours
In what time will I be able to have the money? 7-10 days
Do I need to have a payroll to access the Sofkredit mini-credits? NO
Will Sofkredit request a guarantee from me? Estate
Will my application be denied if I am on Credit Checker? NO
What is the maximum debt that Sofkredit allows in Credit Checker? Do not specify
Can I request a loan from Sofkredit if I am a company? YES
What if I am self-employed? YES
Will you accept my application if I am unemployed? YES
What if I am a pensioner? YES
Is there a maximum age to request a loan with Sofkredit? 65 years
And a minimum age? 18 years
Are there any other requirements? It is necessary to provide as guarantee deeds of a property free of charges or with 80% of the mortgage paid, DNI or NIE, proof of income, IBI receipt and Cirbe certificate
Can I use Instantor to validate my data? NO
Early cancellation and possibility of extension
Can I cancel my credit early? YES
Does the cancellation imply any expense or savings in the total cost of the loan? For free
Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
What are the costs and expenses of extending the credit? Interest generated
Other data
Do you have a simulator on your website? NO
Does your simulator include the loan costs? NO
And the extra costs like the extensions? NO
What means does Sofkredit offer to receive my money? Wire transfer
Can I receive the money with Hal-Cash? NO
And what are the accepted ways to return it? Bank transfer or cash
Which banks do you work with to streamline procedures? Depends on the company
Form of financing through Sofkredit
Possibility of reunification of debts with a negotiable monthly fee depending on our economic situation and our mortgage

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Sofkredit: Analysis and opinion

Highlights: Supports Credit Checker and / or RAI

Loan of up to 100,000 US dollars with home equity guarantee Sofkredit is not a financial institution that grants loans, but rather acts as an advisory and intermediary between them and clients for the granting of loans with a mortgage guarantee .

Loans with a mortgage guarantee are those that are granted on the basis of guaranteeing the return of the loan with a property , whether it is a property or a vehicle. As is logical , the property must be free of charges or that these are minimal, to be able to cover, in case of non-payment, the value of the granted capital.

Sofkredit, loan comparison

What Sofkredit does is collect the information of those people who need a large amount of credit, and send it to financial institutions. Then, based on the approval of these and the conditions they offer, it makes the applicant know what the best options are.

The first step to carry out this process is to fill in a form in which the precise information is collected: amount requested (from 8,000 US dollars, which is the minimum) , what the money will be needed for, the monthly income and if you have a vehicle or real estate . The process is completed by finally providing the personal data.

After this, a Sofkredit professional contacts the applicant, with whom they will discuss various aspects before starting the task. Sofkredit's service is free , and they claim that their success rate in finding a loan for applicants is 90%.

Requirements and conditions

In order for Sofkredit to be able to manage the granting of a loan, a series of requirements must be met, without which such granting will not be possible. The first is, of course, to be of legal age , and in addition, it is necessary to be the owner of a bank account and have a property or vehicle without or very low charges .

Regarding economic income, it is not essential to prove it, although it is a factor that is taken into account very positively. What is necessary to present is the DNI and the deeds of the property or vehicle that is provided as a guarantee .

Other considerations

Once the documentation is submitted, Sofkredit carries out the procedures and in a short period of time offers an answer about the available credits and advice on the most convenient ones . In any case, the client always has the option of choosing the one they want, so there is no obligation to follow the advice of the Sofkredit professional .

Sofkredit manages credits for a minimum value of 8,000 US dollars and a maximum of 500,000, and the fact of offering an asset or real estate as collateral does not mean that the owner cannot continue to use it . Therefore, if the guarantee is the house in which you reside or the car that you normally use to get around, you can continue to do so as normal.

The value of the credit that is granted is conditioned by that of the guarantee . Thus, the maximum that can be obtained is 60% of the value at which the property or vehicle is appraised .

Other aspects to mention are the long repayment periods of these credits , which allow the fee to be affordable. Mortgage loans have periods of between 10 and 20 years , so that even large amounts can be requested without the payment of the installment having to be a great difficulty.

Thanks to this, the applicant can even request one of these credits with the intention of canceling other pending debts and unifying all their payments in a single installment . Debt reunification is one of the most advantageous options in many cases to reduce the monthly expenses of paying several loans at the same time.

Finally, another point to note is the one related to the presence in Credit Checker . While in many cases the inclusion in one of these delinquency records makes it impossible to obtain a loan, it is not a problem if it is managed through Sofkredit , since as part of their management, they are in charge of contacting entities that they accept these types of clients. Therefore, with the guarantee of the property, it will not be an impediment to receive the money .


Although at the time of establishing the credit conditions, the client can indicate either the installment that he wishes to pay, or the term in which he wishes to do so , it may happen that throughout this period, which is several years, complicated situations arise that make it difficult to make the payment of the monthly fee effective.

In these cases you have to act quickly and contact the financial institution that has granted the loan to notify this circumstance and try to find a solution. The most frequent are to apply a grace period that allows the eventuality to be resolved, or to extend the term of the credit in order to reduce the fee and be able to face its payment .

If this communication is not carried out and a non-payment occurs, there is a serious risk of losing ownership of the property or vehicle , since banks usually execute the guarantee in as short a term as only two unpaid installments.

Contact information

Sofkredit puts at our disposal a customer service , from Monday to Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and from Wednesday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Sofkredit performs a double task, advising and managing loans with a mortgage guarantee . Taking into account that their services are free of charge, and that they save the client the pilgrimage through different banks in a succession of interviews and delivery of documentation, this is a very useful service.

With the money from the managed credit, the applicant will be able to carry out reforms, buy a vehicle, develop a business project or simply improve their family finances thanks to a reunification of payments.

Therefore, granting a home equity loan can be an oxygen balloon, and managing it through Sofkredit is easier than having to talk to different lenders one by one.

In addition, thanks to the advice of its experts, it has a very useful reference when assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each product, something that individuals, by themselves, are rarely able to carry out.

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