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The best online credit offers in Colombia (November 2020)

Updated list of easily approved online loans , with which you can get the amount you need quickly and easily and even if you are reported to a risk center and have a negative history.

Loan Amount and term characteristics
Accepts reported
$ 280,000 from 110,000 30 days from 5 days
  • They value credit history
  • It can be requested physically or online
  • Necessary demonstrable periodic income
  • Free application
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They have a points program Entity: Kredicity Maximum first loan: From $ 110,000 to $ 280,000 Repayment period : From 5 days to 30 days Response time: 30 minutes Time to obtain the money: 24 hours Is the first credit free? NO Cost: $ 280,000 at 30 days: $ 5,113
(EA 24.8%)
Characteristics and requirements: Without payroll Without co-debtor Accepts reported Minimum age: 18 years Does it allow early cancellation? YES Is there a possibility of an extension? NO Ways to receive the money: Bank transfer
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Frequently asked questions about online loans

What are the requirements to apply for a loan online?

The general requirements that internet loan companies normally agree on are the following:

  • To be over 18 years old.
  • Be Colombian with permanent residence in the country.
  • Have an email account.
  • Be the owner of an active bank account.
  • Have a contact cell phone number.

These are some of the requirements contemplated in the most restrictive credit institutions :

  • Have a credit history
  • Not being reported in Risk Centers
  • Accredit a minimum period worked

To confirm what type of requirements you have to meet, you should go to the loan entity that interests you the most, and make sure that you are suitable to get its financing.

Is it necessary to prove any type of documentation?

When we process a loan application online, lenders require that you have to present a series of mandatory documents to substantiate the personal and financial information provided in the application.

The documentation usually required by these companies is the following:

  • Identity document: necessary to prove the identity of the loan applicant, by presenting a photocopy of the citizenship card.
  • Proof of stable income: necessary to prove the solvency capacity of the applicant.
  • Proof of address: necessary to prove the residence of the applicant in the country.

Depending on the type of finance company we go to, and depending on our personal situation, it is possible that entities require more or fewer documents to manage the loan application.

Can I get a credit online if I am reported?

If your data has been reported to a credit registry , and you have problems getting traditional financing through banks, you can request the amount you need through the entities that offer online loans for reporters.

This type of credit to reported, is characterized by limiting the amount they grant to their clients, to ensure a refund of the same without problems. In addition, these loans, by assuming a greater risk due to the type of profile of their clients, apply higher interest rates with expenses and commissions to be taken into account.

Therefore, although accessing a quick loan is possible in this case, before making the decision to hire it, it is advisable to evaluate our solvency capacity and avoid contracting new debts that we cannot assume.

How do I know if the loan I'm going to ask for is reliable?

Although applying for a loan online is a safe process, we must bear in mind that not all entities that grant loans online offer sufficient guarantees to be considered reliable.

Therefore, before applying your credit application in any company, you should make sure of the reliability it provides you, taking into account that the following aspects are met:

  • That it is a regulated company
  • With a good online reputation
  • Consult the Risk Centers

If you find that the credit company you are going to does not comply with any of these points, or even asks you for a certain amount of money in advance, distrust their intentions and take the corresponding precautions.

What are the consequences of not meeting the return period?

If when the time comes to pay the refund, you realize that you cannot pay your debt on time, you should immediately contact the lender to report your situation and try to agree on a solution.

Remember that if you do not comply with the payment on time, and do not inform the company about your situation, the entity may report you to the credit bureaus, or even take legal action to claim the non-payment of your debt.

For what situations are online loans recommended?

In general, this type of credit is recommended to solve all those unforeseen events that require liquidity at the time . These situations are commonly identified with domestic problems, vehicle breakdowns, electrical appliances or the payment of unexpected bills among others. That is to say, everyday situations that require urgent amounts for their resolution.

However, before deciding if the situation we are facing requires the request for an online loan, it is essential that we are responsible and make sure that we can deal with your return.

Unlike bank loans, which are processed in the offices and branches of entities, online loans provide the advantage of reducing the paperwork and paperwork of their management to a minimum, favoring the obtaining of the amounts requested in a very short time.

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