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Kreditiweb: The personal loan that adapts to you
(Analysis assessment)

Are you in Credit Checker and need money? Access our complete and updated list of loans with Credit Checker .

Features Analysis

Kreditiweb : The personal loan that adapts to you (variable APR)

What type of financing does Kreditiweb offer? Fast credits , Loans without endorsement , Loans with Credit Checker
What is the maximum credit granted by Kreditiweb? € 50,000
And the minimum? € 100
How much can I have in the first loan? € 50,000
Is the first loan free and interest-free? NO
Do you have other offers? NO
What is the maximum term that Kreditiweb allows to return the money? 84 months
And the minimum return period? 30 days
How long does it take to give me an answer? Minutes
In what time will I be able to have the money? 48 hours
Do I need to have a payroll to access the Kreditiweb mini-credits? YES
Will Kreditiweb request a guarantee from me? NO
Will my application be denied if I am on Credit Checker? NO
What is the maximum debt that Kreditiweb allows in Credit Checker? € 500 (Does not admit financial debt)
Can I request a loan from Kreditiweb if I am a company? YES
What if I am self-employed? YES
Will you accept my application if I am unemployed? YES
What if I am a pensioner? YES
Is there a maximum age to request a loan with Kreditiweb? 76 years
And a minimum age? 18 years
Are there any other requirements? Reside in United States, bank account, DNI or NIE, mobile phone
Can I use Instantor to validate my data? NO
Early cancellation and possibility of extension
Can I cancel my credit early? YES
Does the cancellation imply any expense or savings in the total cost of the loan? No costs
Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
What are the costs and expenses of extending the credit? Interest generated
Other data
Do you have a simulator on your website? YES
Does your simulator include the loan costs? NO
And the extra costs like the extensions? NO
What means does Kreditiweb offer to receive my money? Wire transfer
Can I receive the money with Hal-Cash? NO
And what are the accepted ways to return it? Transfer or deposit
Which banks do you work with to streamline procedures? Does not specify
Form of financing through Kreditiweb
The monthly single or fractional payment depends on the company

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Kreditiweb: Analysis and opinion

Highlights: Personal loan up to € 50,000

Personal loans up to 50,000 euros

Kreditiweb aims to provide free advice to users interested in applying for personal loans through a study of our financial and personal circumstances.

As a result, we will receive a series of proposals with different conditions of personal loans in which it will be possible to carry out the loan application procedures in the event that we are interested. The final conditions of the loans offered will not depend on Kreditiweb.

Amount and term of the personal loan

Kreditiweb offers us personal loans from 600 to 50,000 US dollars that we can return from 24 to 84 months regardless of whether we appear in lists of defaulters such as Credit Checker .

How to request a personal loan with Kreditiweb

If we have decided what we want to send our personal loan application to Kreditiweb through its online simulator, we will be able to indicate the amount of money we request, the term of its return and the reason for the loan .

After providing these data, we will be able to fill in your online form with which the personal financial analysis process will begin, after which they will provide us with the list of possible banks and financial institutions that could offer us the financing we are looking for.

Once the pre-approval of our financial study is achieved, we will be able to sign the contract with the chosen entity easily and quickly.

After obtaining the concession of our personal loan, generally it will not take more than 48 hours, until the lender enters the money in our bank account and we can enjoy the money .

Who can apply for a personal loan through Kreditiweb

Anyone interested in comparing the loan offers that best suit them depending on their financial situation could be a user of the professional advice service offered by Kreditiweb. In any case, whenever we request any type of financing, it will be necessary for us to fulfill a series of requirements to request a personal loan with Kreditiweb:

  • Be of legal age, although some companies may require that the minimum age be between 19 and 25 years old,
  • Have a minimum fixed income of 1,100 US dollars that guarantees our solvency capacity to face new payments,
  • Have permanent residence in the United States,
  • Not have debts in other financial entities.

In addition, Kreditiweb gives us the advantage of studying our situation even if we are in Credit Checker.

Other products offered by Kreditiweb

Each loan request that Kreditiweb receives involves an analysis phase that ends with the proposal of a list of entities that could meet our credit request.

In this sense, Kreditiweb may offer us different types of financial products depending on our needs and personal circumstances. We refer to microcredits , mortgages and credit cards , as an alternative to obtain the financing we are looking for when we cannot qualify for the desired personal loan .

Kreditiweb contact details

Kreditiweb has a customer service from Monday to Thursday , from 09:00 to 17:00 , and Friday from 09:00 to 15:00.

You can contact them in the following ways:


In cases where we need a personal loan, it usually happens that we need a significant amount of money that we do not have. When this happens, Kreditiweb offers to help us free of charge by offering us a specialized advisory service.

For this, we will have to indicate the type of personal loan in which we are interested, and Kreditiweb will analyze each case offering the list of financial and banking entities in which we could get the personal loan we are looking for.

It is not about choosing a better bank than another, its premise is to compare the different banking products that the market offers us to find the one that interests us the most depending on our circumstances. Therefore, Kreditiweb will help us find and receive the personal loan that best suits our economic situation at no cost quickly and easily.

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Comments and opinions

Jose 03/04/19
I do not know why I am denied on Krediti web by Credit Checker if I am not on any list of defaulters 14/03/19
Hi Jose, to check if you are on a delinquency list to verify that it is not an error you can write to this Credit Checker email address where they will give you the information

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