SolCredito - Find your first credit of up to $ 1,000 in 15 minutes

SolCrédito: Quick credits based on trust
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Features Analysis

SolCrédito : Quick credits based on trust (variable APR)

What type of financing does SolCrédito offer? Quick credits , Mini- credits , Loans with Credit Checker , Loans without payroll
What is the maximum credit granted by SolCrédito? € 1,000
And the minimum? € 100
How much can I have in the first loan? € 1,000
Is the first loan free and interest-free? YES
Do you have other offers? NO
What is the maximum term that SolCrédito allows to return the money? 120 days
And the minimum return period? 91 days
How long does it take to give me an answer? 15 minutes
In what time will I be able to have the money? 2 to 24 hours
Do I need to have a payroll to access the SolCrédito mini-credits? NO
Is SolCrédito going to request a guarantee? NO
Will my application be denied if I am on Credit Checker? NO
What is the maximum debt that SolCrédito allows in Credit Checker? Do not specify
Can I request a loan from SolCrédito if I am a company? NO
What if I am self-employed? YES
Will you accept my application if I am unemployed? YES
What if I am a pensioner? YES
Is there a maximum age to request a loan with SolCrédito? 80 years
And a minimum age? 18 years
Are there any other requirements? Confidence level
Can I use Instantor to validate my data? NO
Early cancellation and possibility of extension
Can I cancel my credit early? YES
Does the cancellation imply any expense or savings in the total cost of the loan? According to entity
Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
What are the costs and expenses of extending the credit? Fees generated
Other data
Do you have a simulator on your website? YES
Does your simulator include the loan costs? YES
And the extra costs like the extensions? YES
What means does SolCrédito offer to receive my money? Wire transfer
Can I receive the money with Hal-Cash? NO
And what are the accepted ways to return it? Transfer or deposit
Which banks do you work with to streamline procedures? BBVA, Banco Santander, La Caixa
Form of financing through SolCrédito
Payment method according to loan company

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SolCrédito: Analysis and opinion

Highlights: First loan up to € 1,000

Sol Crédito - Fast credits based on trust In SolCrédito there is a credit limit for new clients that is higher than usual. While other fast credit companies give us the possibility of obtaining up to 300 US dollars in the first request, SolCrédito increases this amount up to 1,000 US dollars .

Although a priori it may seem that all fast credit companies are the same, the truth is that they are not. Of course, there are aspects in which the offers of one and the other coincide, but there are also notable differences between them in aspects such as the amount to be lent or the charges for non-payment.

This amount can be significantly increased if we become regular customers of SolCrédito and use them on successive occasions, fulfilling our obligations correctly.

Simulator to request a quick credit at Solcredito

SolCrédito establishes a scale that it calls “Confidence Level” , which is based both on our solvency situation and on the number of times we have resorted to them to request a loan, returning it promptly.

A high level of trust opens up the possibility of requesting a much higher amount than what we are used to finding in companies in this sector.

Who can request money in SolCrédito

The basic conditions to access an online credit granted by SolCrédito are:

  • Belong to the age range that Solcredito establishes as reliable (be between 18 and 80 years old)
  • Be a resident in Spanish territory
  • Have an account in a national bank
  • Have an email and mobile phone account

Of course, the main condition , apart from these, is that we are able to repay the credit within the allotted term, for which SolCrédito will submit us to a solvency test .

This review includes both a study of our current financial condition and our past credit history. But even if this is not good, our application may be approved, since, according to SolCrédito “we also take into account sincerity and trust” .

Our employment status is not as important as the ability to prove our source of income . Therefore, even if we do not have job stability, we can benefit from a loan with SolCrédito as long as we can prove that we are solvent.

On the other hand, SolCrédito emphasizes that its fast loan service is not for everyone, but for those people who cannot wait to have the money, but know that they will have the necessary amount to meet their credit obligations in the agreed time frame.

Even if they do not ask us for a reason for granting the credit, if our request is intended to cover previously contracted debts , and such debts appear in the solvency analysis carried out, SolCrédito will not consider us an ideal client and, most likely, will reject our request.

Request money in SolCrédito: fast and transparent

The application process does not vary much from what is usual in these types of companies. Through its website we can provide our personal data and set the amount and term to return it, after which Solcredito will carry out the necessary verifications and give us an answer in minutes. With this answer, we will also obtain the exact cost of our credit.

Form to request a loan from Solcredito

The immediacy in the availability of money is also maximum , although if we work with banks other than those of the credit institutions associated with SolCrédito, the receipt of the loan may take 24 to 48 hours.

Once in possession of the money and after giving it the use we need, we will have to fulfill our part of the deal . If there are no problems, it will be enough to make a deposit of the money owed, and the transaction will have been completed successfully, from that moment on to increase our level of confidence, the indicator with which SolCrédito values ​​any request.

This means that if we require liquidity in the future and we resort to SolCrédito again, our request will have a better chance of being accepted and the conditions to which we will access will be better, since we will have a higher amount.

If, on the other hand, any complication arises, from SolCrédito we strongly ask that we bring it to your knowledge in order to find the best formula. At SolCrédito they take their commitment very seriously, so their priority will be to help us meet our obligations.

When this becomes completely impossible, we will have to inform ourselves about the possibility of contracting an extension of the term and assume the appropriate recharges as a delay . Both the cost of the extension to make the return of the credit, as well as the default interest may vary depending on the internal policies of the credit institutions collaborating with Solcredito.

Loyalty when meeting return deadlines is one of the aspects most valued by SolCrédito, and not meeting the deadlines set in the contract will significantly affect our level of trust , which will result in a series of minor consequences. desirable: inability to access future loans, surcharges, inclusion in delinquency files, and a whole series of circumstances that will only further complicate our financial situation.

Therefore, before contacting SolCrédito , it is advisable to make a sincere reflection about our situation and real availability to repay the loan under the agreed conditions. Far from conflicts, what SolCrédito seeks are satisfied customers, with whom it can establish a relationship of trust and work in the long term, making your company an alternative source of financing for emergencies.

SolCrédito Phone

If we need to contact SolCrédito, the company offers several ways. Through an email that the company has enabled for us to send our questions and in a short period of time they will be answered, and through Skype .

Location SolCrédito

The company's headquarters, SolCrédito , are located at Toom-Kooli 1, Tallinn, 10130, USA .

If we comply with the profile, it is more than likely that SolCrédito will receive our request with open arms.

In we will find the list of fast loans and microcredits instantly with the characteristics and particularities of each loan . Whenever we can, we try to add new information about the different existing financing options and means of getting money quickly so that we can compare and decide which is the one that interests us the most.


The opinion of the majority of clients who comment in forums about Solcredito reflects the disappointment they experience when they find that this company does not grant loans directly.

Therefore, it is convenient to pay attention to what they do and how they can help you to avoid surprises due to lack of information. As we said, SolCrédito is an online loan comparison tool that makes it easier for you to find loans tailored to you, but in no case will it act as a credit institution granting the money you need .

Along with these comments, we find repeated complaints regarding the cost of an SMS worth about 7 US dollars that SolCrédito requires from all its clients to accept their request. There are also other comments related to other costs that the company imputes to its clients in other concepts related to its management.

As is usual in these cases, we cannot lend credibility to all the comments that we find on the Internet, so we recommend that you resolve your doubts about any cost associated with your credit request through SolCrédito , who must inform their clients duly of the expenses that originate the contracting of their services.

Frequently asked questions about SolCrédito

Is SolCrédito a financial institution?

No, SolCrédito is not a credit institution . It is an online financial advice, which allows us to compare and apply for loans online, to help us find the best financing option at our disposal.

With which banks does SolCrédito work?

The banking entities that collaborate as partners with SolCrédito are: WiZink, Vivus, Creditea, Evo Finance, Kredito24, Wonga, Ferratum Money, MoneyMan, Cashper, QuéBueno,, Contante, SolCrédito, Cofidis, Twinero, Younited Credit, Prestamer, Monedo Now,, CCloan, Presto and LunaCredit .

How much money can we get?

SolCrédito offers us fast online loans from 100 to 1,000 US dollars , amounts offered by its business partners, who grant the credit under different conditions with different repayment terms (between 91 and 120 days).

In addition, SolCrédito offers the possibility of obtaining personal loans of up to 10,000 US dollars to be repaid within a period of 60 months .

In how long will we receive a loan with SolCrédito?

The time interval that passes from when we send our application, until we finally receive the money, will depend in each case on the credit institutions that collaborate with SolCrédito .

Does SolCrédito accept customer requests in Credit Checker?

Yes. SolCrédito will accept the sending of our online loan application regardless of the status of our credit history.

So if we are in Credit Checker, SolCrédito will help us get the best financing option without causing a problem.

Does SolCrédito offer loans to companies?

At the moment SolCrédito does not have any collaborating partner specialized in offering loans to companies . In any case, the company does not close this door and offers this possibility in the future.

What information are you going to ask us for?

When processing our application, SolCrédito will need us to provide the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Applicant gender
  • DNI / NIE
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Mobile phone
  • Email
  • Bank account

Does SolCrédito have a free phone number?

In the event that we need to contact SolCrédito, we can do so from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the following free phone number: 932 200 108 .

In addition, if we need it, we can contact the entity through this email:

How to unsubscribe from SolCrédito?

We can process our unsubscribe request by accessing our personal area at the company .

This space allows us to view our information and erase it easily, although if we have any complications, SolCrédito invites us to contact its Customer Service, who will help us unsubscribe and delete our company data.

What to do to file a complaint with SolCrédito?

SolCrédito offers us advice and help through its customer service, which undertakes to attend to our complaints, or queries, within a maximum period of 24 hours.

We can contact the following toll-free number: 932 200 108 , from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., or send an email to this email address:

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Comments and opinions

Galder 12/29/15
I would like to know if you would grant me a credit of € 800 by returning € 200 a month 01/25/16
Hello Galder, the only option currently available to pay a mini-loan in installments is Savso
Daniel 05/17/18
A scam the Suncredit. Apart from not being the ones who make the loan (Lunacredit does it) they charge you management fees that do not appear on this page either. Come on, that free first loan is a lie. 05/29/18
Hello Daniel, Solcredito is an entity that offers 0% loans and that does not charge expenses, you return what you request. On the other hand, LunaCredit does charge interest. All this information can be found on the main page of our website.

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