How to know if a loan is reliable - Anti-scam guide

Quick loans have great advantages: they are fast, comfortable and, in most cases, safe. In fact, in recent years the number of people who turn to this type of financing to deal with their lack of liquidity has grown enormously . However, as with any other type of product, there are fraudulent companies. Therefore, it is important to know how to avoid scams when applying for a quick loan.

Unforeseen expenses usually come when they are least opportune, so sometimes it is inevitable to resort to financing methods to deal with them. To solve these problems, there are many serious companies that sell fast loans. These companies are safe and comply with all legal requirements to offer financing.

However, taking advantage of the desperation of people in need of urgent money, other companies with a dubious reputation are trying to take advantage by offering services that are not secure.

Of course, with any type of loan, including fast loans online, it is essential to have all the documentation regarding financing in writing. In addition, it is important that we do not request money from those companies that do not offer us all the security that they should. Thus, we can avoid much of the deceptions.

Without a doubt, the best way to avoid falling into the traps of these companies is to be well informed and act with a cool head. In this article, we will talk about how to identify these fraudulent companies to prevent them from scamming us, and what steps we can take if we have already been victims of a scam.

What should we check to know if the lender is reliable?

In order to apply for loans online safely, it is important to take into account certain details that help us distinguish a bad company from another legal and honest one. Next, let's see what are the points to check to avoid a scam and recognize trusted lenders.

It is important to note that, if after having carried out these checks, we realize that the lender is not trustworthy or does not convince us, it is best not to request the money. It is better to wait a little longer when looking for a reliable credit company than to risk being scammed.

The first thing to observe, in addition to the entity's website or platform, is how it communicates with us. It may seem something really absurd to you, but a professional who sends a statement to his clients or potential clients and who, in it, makes a series of important spelling mistakes, is quite suspicious.

But there is much more. Writing is important, however, there are other somewhat more complex factors that we must also consider when deciding who to turn to for a loan.

AEMIP seal


The AEMIP is the Spanish Association of Microloans , and checking that the company from which we are going to apply for the loan is registered in this association is a good way to eliminate many doubts. If our future lender is part of the AEMIP, we can rest easy knowing that it is a safe and reliable entity that complies with the law.

If the lender is registered with this association, a stamp will appear on its website indicating this. And, although not all insurance companies are registered in the association, this seal can give us peace of mind.

Protocol "https"


For a web page to have adequate security to enter our data, it must have the "https" protocol .

We should not confuse it with the "http", which any website has. That "s" makes the difference and will tell us if a site is safe or if we should be suspicious and not provide our data.

Let us always remember that serious lenders, who care about the security of their clients and whose information is encrypted, always comply with this security protocol.

Security certificate

Internet security

In addition to the "https" protocol, we must look at the security certificate of the website. It is called an SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) certificate and the way to identify it is to see if a padlock appears next to the URL. This padlock indicates that it is a secure website and also guarantees the reliability and authenticity of the website we are entering.

That a website has the HTTPS protocol and the SSL certificate is a sign that the data we give to the lender will not be visible by third parties. That is, the information provided will be confidential.

Opinions of other users


Although, generally, we only post service opinions when we have had a bad experience, reviewing what other users have said about a company before applying for a loan can help us discern if it is a good lender.

We will always find negative comments from any business, but if we notice that a large percentage of opinions speak of scam or fraud, we must raise our alarms. Perhaps it is time to look for another company that offers us more guarantees to request the money.

We can find opinions of other users in forums, on social networks or on websites specialized in business comments. If we do not find opinions and we have enough time, we can make an inquiry in a specialized forum.

Money in advance

man with money

Never prepay any amount of money to a lending company. The entities that offer loans legally know that when their clients ask for money it is because they need it, not because they have excess.

When we deal with a trustworthy company, it will make all the relevant information regarding the loan available to us before we sign the contract: interest, commissions, terms ... in this way, we can know in advance if it is convenient for us to sign that loan. But, never trust a company that asks us to make a payment in advance, since, almost certainly, it will be a scam.

Lists of defaulters

block with lists

If we are in a delinquent file, we must pay special attention to companies that could be fraudulent. There are many reliable entities that offer loans with Credit Checker to people who are in a delinquency file. But these companies only offer us financing, they do not promise to get us off the delinquent list.

There are only three ways to disappear from Credit Checker : paying the debt, proving that it is a mistake or waiting for it to prescribe. Therefore, if a company offers us to remove us from the delinquent file and, above all, asks us for money in advance for that purpose before giving us the financing, let us be suspicious.

In the vast majority of cases they are tricks to dupe people who are desperate to get out of delinquency files. They take advantage of the fact that these people find it more difficult to get financing through other means to scam them.

Phishing or scam

computer with data

The phishing technique is a fairly common technique on the internet. Basically, thanks to this type of attack, the hacker in question produces a page that is exactly the same or very similar to the page in which we are interested. In this way, when we are going to request the credit, we can access one of these imitation pages and the problem arises when we indicate our data within it.

If we receive an email that, supposedly, comes from a bank or lender and that offers us financing in exchange for us to enter our account information: be careful.

There are fraudulent companies that are dedicated to phishing . Or, what is the same, to illegally collect people's bank details and then use them in their favor. Keep in mind that banks do not usually send emails of this type.

And, above all, if they include attached documents that they want us to download or request that we respond with our access data to online banking, it is a scam in 100% of cases.

People on social media

social media icons

If a stranger contacts us through a social network offering us a loan, caution. We do not accept loans from unknown persons, which are generally fake accounts used by scammers. No serious financing company will talk to us on Facebook or WhatsApp to offer us their loans.

Therefore, we must be very careful with these messages, which also tend to be very badly written and, usually, translated from another language automatically. In short, we do not accept loans from unknown people.

When in doubt, ask

If we have doubts about the reliability of an online loan company , a good way to obtain the security we need is to contact a consumer association, such as the OCU or FACUA . These associations will give us the information they have about this entity and we will be able to know if it is a serious lender or a fraud.

What can we do if we are victims of fraud?

As we have said, the best way to avoid being scammed is to be properly informed and know how to identify companies with a dubious reputation. But what if we have already been the victims of a scam? In that case, we will need to take some steps to report the wrongdoing and, if possible, get our money back. Next, let's see some steps we can take if we have already been scammed by a fraudulent fast credit company.

Check the bank account

It is important not to provide our bank account to a company that does not meet the requirements that we mentioned in the previous point. However, if we suspect that we have been the victims of a scam, the first thing we should do is check our bank account . In this way, we can find out if we have received any charges that we have not authorized and if, indeed, they have stolen from us.

If there was a charge that we did not authorize, we can continue with the next steps, to make a formal claim and try to get our money back as soon as possible.

Change all your passwords and check your data


When information theft has occurred, all of our accounts are in jeopardy. Really, it is difficult to know how far the theft of information has been able to go and that is why we should change all the passwords of all the accesses that we have on our computer.

In this way, if we operate in banking through the internet, it is possible that our account is compromised, so it is recommended to change the password of the page, as well as update all those where we have entered our bank account, no matter how small. Whatever the payment, you would be surprised by the damage these people are capable of causing with so little information

Collect as much information as possible

information sheets

In order for a third party to analyze what has happened to us, it is necessary to collect all the necessary information to facilitate the relevant help. With this information, we mean to be quite clear about the page where we have operated, the place where we have seen the ad, the emails we have received or conversations through social networks , in short, the more information we can contribute to the case, the more facilities We will have to recover our money and of course, the process will be much faster.

Bearing this in mind, if you carry out any operation, from here we recommend that you do not delete any type of message or email until the entire process has been completed and, therefore, you have verified for yourself that it is not about a scam. Otherwise, having all this information, as we have said, will be especially useful.

Report to the police

In the same way that we would do if we were robbed when we are walking down the street, when the theft occurs through the Internet we must also go to the police. Reporting the scam we have suffered at the police station will be the first step in taking legal action against the fraudulent company that has stolen from us.

Go to Facua

facua icon

Facua is a non-profit association that is dedicated to defending the rights of consumers. Therefore, if we suffer a scam by a supposed fast credit company, it is important that we go to it. The association will attend to the claim and will be in charge of publicly denouncing the abuse that has been committed to alert other consumers.

Go to the OCU

oc icon

The OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) is in charge of defending consumer rights so that we have a more transparent and fair consumer society. In addition to offering information about the products, the OCU offers advice and legal services in the event that we have been the victims of a deception.

Report to the OSI and the GDT

OSI is the Internet User Safety Office . In addition to offering guides to enjoy a safer Internet, if we are scammed, the OSI is a good place to report to the web or the company that has let us down.

The GDT is the Telematic Crimes Group of the Civil Guard . This division has been created to protect users from potential website fraud. We can install your plugin and, when we are on a misleading website, use it to immediately notify the Civil Guard of the scam.

Check if you can claim

As far as the collection of abusive interest is concerned, the justice is positioned on the consumer's side. And it is that in March 2020 a ruling of the Supreme Court , agreed with a customer of a revolving card that proved to be a victim of disproportionate interests.

Therefore, if we are victims of an abusive interest rate on the part of the credit institution that issued our card, we have the opportunity to claim their refund and get our money back.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to claim the return of abusive interests , here we link you to our Blog where we collect all the information you need.

Update everyone


Finally, it is important to notify friends and family about the scam you have suffered . This is more important than it seems and it is that, with the theft of data, the mail is usually accessed and through it, the accounts of your closest people are accessed.

For this reason, it is possible that the hacker has sent an email from your account to all your contacts, with the aim of being able to attract new users for his scam or that he directly uses that data to later meet new victims. By alerting your closest circle, you will prevent this from happening again and therefore prevent the problem from spreading.

As we have seen, although there are lenders companies with guarantees and that are completely safe, we can also find frauds and scams in relation to fast loans on the Internet . But, if we follow these tips and pay close attention to the points that we have mentioned, we can avoid scams with fast online credits , and get the money we need without risking being scammed.

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Comments and opinions

Carmelo Ramos Rodriguez 02/29/20
I think it's great ... they warn us of such possible scams! More should be lavished! On how to have access to entities like you ... who inform us ... how to avoid scams! And who to contact due to lack of information! ! I precisely applied for a loan to a rural credit bank ... French! And it was accepted ... by a Swiss intermediary he told me! He sent me his ID ... through wassappts ... accrediting himself as a representative of said bank and that prior entry into a cc account of a private individual at bbva. Of 298 US dollars ... in a matter of 24 hours I will have the money from the credit in my account, it was for notary processing costs .... thank you
RegBio Loan 02/03/20
Hello Carmelo, as we recommend in this post, from, we do not recommend making payments in advance in any entity. Even so, we appreciate your comment and we are glad that the information has been useful to you.
Cristina 03/02/20
I am looking for a term loan of 1000 US dollars but I have doubts to ask for it as there are so many lenders for which one do you recommend me please thank you
RegBio Loan 03/03/20
Hello Cristina, in our listings you can find different loan offers that can help you. If you need more information you can contact our chat service from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 7pm and Friday from 10am to 3pm. You can also contact us by phone 91 060 85 48 at the same time.
Maria Jose 03/25/20
Hello, I would like to know from a financial company that gives me a loan of 2000e in installments and is safe, thank you!
RegBio Loan 03/26/20
Hello Maria Jose, the entities that appear in RegBio Loan use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol to protect your data throughout the process. As for the other conditions, it is something that you have to assess once the loan offer is presented to you. If you need us to help you more precisely, you can contact our chat service and we will clarify all your doubts.
Laureano 05/08/20
4 days ago I was the victim of a $ 240 scam for a loan that I had requested for $ 20,000, it all seemed very safe and I was talking to a lady with great distrust and she told her so but in the end they scammed me. I have all the conversation on whatsapp since the conversations began.
RegBio Loan 11/05/20
Hello Laureano, we are sorry for the situation you are in. You should inform the relevant authorities by collecting all the information possible. To avoid these situations, from RegBio Loan we recommend not making any advance payment.
Francisco 06/20/20
Good afternoon, I'm about to ask a lender for 20 thousand euros, he asks me for 280 euros for insurance, they have a website and everything, but I don't know what to think. It's a bank but I don't know what to do anymore, thank you
RegBio Loan 06/22/20
Hello Francisco, before hiring a loan it is important to be careful and compare in different entities to make sure you choose the best option. Regarding the money that they ask you in advance, it may happen that some entities offer you the possibility of contracting an insurance with which to face the payment of the return if necessary. In any case, they shouldn't force you to take out insurance or pay anything up front. For this reason, we advise you to be cautious and read the financing conditions carefully before signing them. We appreciate your comment.
Katheryne Macmart 07/10/20
If in the same way there are many companies that have contacted me to make this type of loan and that is my mistrust because they all ask for money to team up with it, supposedly they are from Cithybank of France but when reading all this I am already with a lot of doubt they ask € 106 another € 98, € 150 and so on but all of them want to charge x in advance and that does not seem to me etivo because if a loan is requested it is xw you will need and failing that if they give you when making the deposit it is so easy to pass the receipt of your commission thanks for the informavion
RegBio Loan 07/10/20
Thank you Katheryne for your comment.
Adela Fernandez 06/09/20
Hello good afternoon, I want to unsubscribe from your services. I look forward to your news, thank you.
Bede Maria 10/30/20
Good Morning. I have applied for an ICO loan, processed through a company called CEO business consulting. This company says the loan is approved, but asks for € 780 in advance payment. And that makes me mistrust.
RegBio Loan 10/30/20
Thank you for your comment Beda María. Before making any payment, we advise you to check what concept the requested amount refers to. Read carefully the conditions of your contract and ask for legal advice in case of doubts.
Antoni 11/02/20 They are scammers, it appears that you have been granted a loan and that they only want to verify your card and they will charge you a US dollar. Later it turns out that it is not a loan, if not a social report, which in addition to being useless is rubbish, and the worst the next day they charge you 34e because they say you have signed up. When you complain to them they tell you that you have accepted it. I have filed a complaint for scam, but beware
RegBio Loan 03/11/20
Thanks for your comment Antoni. Indeed does not work as a credit institution. It is essential to pay attention to the financing conditions to ensure that we know what they offer us before signing anything. When we are in situations like yours, reporting is the best option to stop this type of practice. Although we remember that we must be cautious and read the conditions of the contract carefully to avoid similar situations.

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