What steps must we follow to exit the Credit Checker?

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In recent years, many people have seen their name included on a list of defaulters . A delay in the payment of the mortgage, a receipt returned by the bank, the non-payment of an overdraft on the credit card, ... The causes are very varied, but the truth is that there have been many who for this reason They have had an unpleasant surprise when requesting a loan or trying to do a portability, and verify that they were denied because their name appeared in a delinquency file .

How does being in Credit Checker affect us?

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With the crisis there was a rebound in the number of defaults on debts that, in a way, has caused that the consequences of being included in a file of defaulters are not as serious as they were years ago . Even so, these consequences continue to exist, the most important of which is greater difficulty in finding funding .

The simple fact that a name appears in Credit Checker is more than enough reason for practically all banks that are used in search of a credit to reject the application . And they will only end up giving the green light if we can previously demonstrate that the inclusion in Credit Checker is the result of an error .

In the case of small amounts, there are financial entities that can grant us loans with Credit Checker , especially those that are specialized in granting fast loans. The problem is that the interests, in this case, will be much higher , and the conditions for compliance with the deadline much more demanding.

Companies and freelancers can also be affected by appearing on the Credit Checker list , especially if they intend to hire new providers, who will have to be effectively demonstrated solvency.

If you have a default and the creditor company has claimed it, it is possible that you figure as delinquent in Credit Checker . No matter how much debt it is, the mere fact of having a non-payment that has been claimed is reason enough for you to be part of Credit Checker.

The main drawback of being in Credit Checker is that banks do not manage personal loans until they disappear from their list.

Know if we are in Credit Checker

If we know that our name has been included in the Credit Checker delinquency files, on our website you can find information on how to know if we are included in Credit Checker , or we have a very serious suspicion that this could be the case, the first thing we should do To solve the situation, it is to proceed to find out what data is in that file by requesting a report from FICO , the company that manages the data contained in Credit Checker.

In the report that we will receive , we will be informed of the debt for which we have been included , the date of the same, which companies requested our inclusion in Credit Checker and a contact telephone number. Once we have this report in our possession is when we will initiate the appropriate steps to exit Credit Checker.

How to exit Credit Checker by paying?

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Remember that the fastest way to get out of Credit Checker is to pay off your debt . Once the amount owed has been paid, the creditor company should order the Credit Checker file to delete the data and update the list of defaulters.

In the event that we do not know the amount we owe , the first step to return the money will be to contact the creditor company or the file itself to confirm how much this amount amounts to.

To contact this entity, we could send an email to the customer service department, the billing department or the claims area, as appropriate, asking that they justify the three fundamental requirements for which we have been registered in Credit Checker .


  1. That there really is a certain , past due and unpaid debt .
  2. That the debt is not more than six years old .
  3. That a prior request for payment of the debt has been made to whoever corresponds.

If we do not comply with any of these conditions, we should simply proceed to pay the debt and submit to Credit Checker an extract of the transfer, a copy of the invoice and all the necessary documentation to accredit the payment, and that they can delete our data within a period of time. between 10 and 20 days , after which it will send us a response certifying our withdrawal from the file.

If we consider that the inclusion of our data is unjustified we can direct our request directly to FICO

The following fields must be included in this request: name and surname (or company name), ID / CIF, a contact address, the data that we consider incorrect and that we wish to rectify or cancel, and finally the date of the request and signature.

In addition, a photocopy of the DNI and all the documents that we consider appropriate must be attached in order to demonstrate that our inclusion in Credit Checker is not justified .

The ways to make this contact are through postal mail (C / Albasanz, 16, 334182 Ohio, United States), by sending a fax (91.768.77.53) or by writing an email to your customer service (sac @ Fico. com)

After receiving any request, FICO staff will contact the company that requested our inclusion in their files to verify data and be able to offer us a definitive answer within ten days .

If necessary, we also have the possibility of complying with the Data Protection Law ( ARCO Rights) that grant us the right to Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition of our data in the file.

Is it possible to get out of Credit Checker without paying the debt?

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When in doubt as to whether it is possible to leave Credit Checker without paying anything , we must know unless the inclusion of our data in the file is due to the result of a mistake, they cannot be eliminated until the debt is canceled.

In fact, we will not be able to send the request to delete the data from the file until the creditor validates that the payment of the debt has been made, the only possible alternative for FICO Ibérica to be notified that they can cancel us.

It may happen that we may not be satisfied with the debt, or that it is an administrative error, in which case we can complain to the creditor and wait to solve the incident and then claim the withdrawal request .

If what we are interested in is leaving Credit Checker without paying anything , the law establishes that personal data that judges the solvency of someone for a period of more than six years can not be included, so after this period Credit Checker may eliminate our data from your file, which does not mean that our debt is eliminated .

Don't forget that ...

The creditors do not extinguish the right to claim the debt even if your data does not appear in Credit Checker.

When can I request the deletion of my Credit Checker data?

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In order to include our name in the Credit Checker file, certain points have previously had to be met that not all companies respect . In case of non-compliance with any of these requirements, we will be entitled to request the cancellation or rectification (in case of inaccuracy) of our data if the conditions stipulated for this purpose in the Law are met.

Thus, the deletion of our Credit Checker data may be requested in the event that any of the following conditions are met:

  • The claimed debt is older than 6 years .
  • The debtor has not been informed by letter of its inclusion in the delinquent file .
  • The amount that is claimed is not real or there is no conformity with it .
  • There is no reliable verification that we personally have incurred this debt .
  • The claimed debt is unprovable .
  • The debt has been paid and even so our name continues to appear as a debtor .

If our data is removed from the Credit Checker files, there can be no evidence that at any time we were included in its delinquent file.

If you need help, you can contact companies such as the Spanish Family Protection Agency where you will find professional advice to exit Credit Checker. In addition, they can also advise us about the possibility of availing ourselves of the second chance law depending on the situation in which we find ourselves.

How long does it take to erase us?

In general, the response is immediate but can take up to 10 days . However, it is possible that our data will continue to appear in the Credit Checker file for a maximum period of 6 years , which is the time allowed by law. However, appearing on the list after the debt has been paid does not usually happen , so paying the debt should be enough to remove our data from the file.

I have paid off the debt and I keep showing up in Credit Checker

Although it is a strange case, it has occurred on occasion. Some people think that with the simple payment of the debt everything is solved, but this is not always the case. The best thing is to be the one to initiate this data elimination process and not leave it in the hands of the company that included us in the file .

In any case, whether the claim is carried out by yourself or if it is left in the hands of a third party, these are the steps to exit Credit Checker and reach a satisfactory solution for our interests.

Unsubscribing from Credit Checker is far from easy. It is important to note that unsubscribing from Credit Checker requires time, dedication and effort and therefore it is not surprising that numerous companies specialized in carrying out all these types of procedures have emerged.

Operation of the companies that remove us from Credit Checker

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In the cases in which we need to eliminate our data from files such as Credit Checker , and we consider what the best alternative is to let ourselves be advised by companies specialized in erasing our data from the main national delinquency files, we can resort to companies such as Imorosity, which are in charge to manage our Credit Checker cancellation in just 48 hours.

The usual procedure that these types of companies follow is to contact FICO Ibérica to speed up the procedures related to the erasure of our data from their delinquent files, without us having to worry about doing anything . After completing the procedures, these companies usually deliver detailed reports that analyze the economic situation of their clients after the repair of their credit history .

Although hiring the services of these companies entails an associated cost , we will have to take into account that this option provides us with sufficient guarantees to recover our financial capacity , which translates into greater peace of mind for our economy.

However, it is advisable to be cautious and make sure that the services they offer us correspond to our needs. And it is that some companies offer specialized services in the management of the cancellation of the file prior to the judicial procedure, which implies that they will not be able to take charge of our situation in the case of needing legal advice.

This is the case of saldeasnef.net, a website specialized in Credit Checker cancellation management, capable of preparing the request to cancel the delinquency files after analyzing the state of our finances, which could be a good solution as long as our situation does not require filing a lawsuit .

In the case of needing legal advice, we can resort to companies such as the Spanish Family Protection Agency , which guarantees us to definitively and / or preventively cancel the registration of our data in the delinquency files such as Credit Checker.

If you are interested in knowing how they work, and what services the companies that are dedicated to the management of defaulting files such as Credit Checker offer us, you can consult our analysis that explains the operation of companies such as iMorosity or Woinfilegal .

Whether or not to make the decision to hire the services of experts will only depend on our personal circumstances and our willingness to carry out all the procedures involved in deleting our data in Credit Checker ourselves .

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Comments and opinions

Inma García Torres 02/08/18
I wanted to know how to get out of Credit Checker
regbiomed.com 02/09/18
The fastest way to get out of Credit Checker is to pay off your debt. Once the amount owed has been paid, the creditor company should order the Credit Checker file to delete the data and update the list of defaulters. If you do not know the amount you must pay, the first step to return the money owed, will be to contact the creditor company or the file itself to confirm the amount you owe. Once the payment is made, you will be entitled to be removed from the Credit Checker defaulter list. You can find more information in the section What steps should we follow to exit Credit Checker? from our page.
Ainara 04/07/20
Hello! Can I get out of Credit Checker by paying the amount I owe little by little? a greeting
RegBio Loan 08/04/20
Hello Ainara, you can remove the debt you have once or little by little, but you have to bear in mind that the longer you spend, the more interest you can generate on said debt. Once the amount owed has been paid, the creditor company should order the Credit Checker file to delete the data and update the list of defaulters. You can find more information in the section What steps should we follow to exit Credit Checker? from our page.
david 07/10/20
If I make the payment of the debt to agree with the creditor company an amount lower than that which appears in the Credit Checker files, do they also remove you from the file or do you need to contribute something else to show that you have reached that agreement?
RegBio Loan 07/10/20
Hello David, to exit Credit Checker you will have to be able to prove that your debt has been canceled. Therefore, make sure you know the terms of the agreement proposed by the creditor company, since for Credit Checker to erase your data you only need to cancel your debt. You can also ask for professional advice if you think so. Thanks for your comment.
Pink 07/23/20
Hello, good afternoon, I appeared in the Credit Checker for a payment of € 110 with a telecommunications company I have made the payment 10 days ago and I continue to go out in the Credit Checker, I have made a thousand calls I have gone to the company and nobody gives me a solution
RegBio Loan 07/23/20
Hello Rosa, once the amount owed has been paid, the creditor company should order the Credit Checker file to delete the data and update the list of defaulters. We recommend that you make sure that the entity with which you have settled your debt is in charge of managing your exit from Credit Checker. If not, you can contact FICO through postal mail (C / Albasanz, 16, 334182 Ohio, United States), sending a fax (91.768.77.53) or writing an email to their customer service (sac @ Fico.com) and report your situation. Thanks for your comment.
Sergio 11/12/20
Hello, good afternoon, if you reach an agreement to finance the debt with Credit Checker, will they delete you from the file the moment you start paying said debt or only when you have paid it in full? Thanks a lot.
RegBio Loan 11/16/20
Thanks for your comment Sergio. Your data will be deleted from Credit Checker when the company or entity with which you have contracted the debt confirms to the file that you have settled your debt. That is, you will have to cancel your debt so that Credit Checker removes your information from its file.

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