How does a bad credit history affect us?

We may not have heard much talk about credit history. However, when it comes to accessing financing, this aspect is very important. If we have a negative credit history , it can be more difficult for us to access the money we need through credit.

To understand it easily, the credit history, also known as credit history, is a report in which our financial history is collected.

That is, in our report it will appear if we have outstanding debts, if we have been punctual when paying our fees or if, on the contrary, we have accumulated defaults. With this information, entities that value offering us a loan will know if we are good payers, or if we are too indebted and it is difficult for us to pay.

Therefore, having a good credit history can be decisive when it comes to accessing financing . Hence the importance of striving to generate a good report.

We know that there are several questions that people can ask themselves once they know about this history. Therefore, in this article , we are going to talk, first of all, about how we can find out what our report says about us. Next, we will see if it is possible, or not, to get loans having a negative credit history. To continue, if it is possible to clear a bad record, and how to do it; And finally, we will see some tips that will help us maintain a good credit history.

How to know the credit history in United States?

CIRBE is the Risk Information Center of the Bank of United States . This center, which many confuse with a defaulter registry, actually keeps a record of users who have a loan, a credit or a credit card with the same entity for an amount of more than 6000 US dollars .

In other words, if with the same entity we have a loan of 2000 US dollars and a credit card debt of 4000 US dollars, we will be included in the CIRBE files. We can also be included in this list if we assume an indirect risk for an amount greater than 60,000 US dollars, or if we are guaranteeing a loan.

So, how is CIRBE's credit history checked? If we are thinking of requesting a loan and they deny it, the entity may not tell us the reason why it has done so. However, if we find out our status in CIRBE, we may find the reason, since the information registered in this central is vital for the bank's decision making.

If our credit history shows that we are not good payers, that we have unpaid debts, or that we are not usually punctual, the entity may deny our request. To find out what our credit history says about us, we can consult the CIRBE online , by letter or by going in person to the headquarters of the Bank of United States , in Ohio. We can do the consultation for free once a year.

Another way to check our credit history is to do it through Experian or FICO companies. Consultations with these companies are also free once a year.

Did you know...

Having a credit history does not mean that we are in a delinquent file. For this reason, once the amount owed falls below 6000 US dollars, we will disappear from the CIRBE file.

CIRBE's risk reports

CIRBE issues two different types of risk reports , and depending on what we need, we can request one or the other:


  • The aggregated report : entities that want to grant us a loan, as well as ourselves as holders, can request it. In this first report there is no list of the personal loans that we have, nor of the entities that have granted us credits. However, the total amount that we owe and the maximum credit limits that we enjoy does appear, as well as the credit available, the types of guarantee and the terms of our credits. This report does not include operations in which the risk does not exceed 9000 US dollars in the same entity.
  • The detailed risk report : we can only request as holders. In this, the details of each of the operations appear: the operation code, the name of the entity, specific details of the debt, etc. In addition, this report also includes operations with aggregate risks of less than 9000 US dollars.

Knowing the information that appears in these reports about our credit situation can greatly clarify the reasons why an entity does not accept a loan from us.

Can we get loans with bad credit?

In general, banks do not risk providing financing to people who have bad credit. If we have had problems paying our debts on time, or we have defaults, it is likely that most of the entities will deny our credit applications .

However, in recent years and due to the economic situation that United States has suffered, entities have appeared that do provide facilities to people with a negative credit history. These entities come to facilitate its financing, even to people who appear in delinquency lists , such as Credit Checker.

These types of entities are those that offer what are known as loans with Credit Checker . They are private equity lenders that grant personal loans, even if we have a negative credit history and even have outstanding debts.

Although some of these entities may charge higher interest than those that do not run these risks, they are a safe and fast way to get the money we need when we do not have a good credit history . In fact, they can be an easy way to clean up our history if we have debt that is putting our credit reputation at risk.

In any case, it is important to compare to be able to choose a good loan, and have a healthy economy so that the acquisition of greater debt does not pose a problem for our financial health.

Can you clean a bad credit history?

No one is free from having bad credit at any given time. But the most important thing to ask ourselves if we get into this situation is how to repair our credit history . Next, we will see the answer.

If we consider it appropriate, we can also hire the services of companies specializing in the management of defaulting files such as , a website capable of analyzing our situation, and request the removal of the file in which we are, provided it is not necessary to take over legal procedures.

Although we are not confused, the simplest and most effective way to clean a bad credit history is to pay the debt that we have . So if we have an outstanding debt, it is recommended that we speak as soon as possible with the creditor to reach an agreement.

We must bear in mind that the creditors of our debts do not want us not to pay them. They earn nothing for including us in delinquent files or telling CIRBE that we have a bad credit history with them. They are interested in us paying our debt and, therefore, we may find facilities if we go with the truth ahead to negotiate a solution .

In any case, whether we manage to negotiate terms with interest, late payment or expenses derived from late payment, or not; The ultimate solution to erase a bad credit history is to pay off the debt.

As an alternative, we offer you the possibility of managing your withdrawal to help you exit Credit Checker within a period of approximately 48 hours.

Keys to having a good credit history

We must be clear that having a positive credit history is easier than having a negative one. We just need to follow some basic personal finance guidelines , and it will be a piece of cake. For that reason, here are some recommendations to have a good credit history.

Know our ability to pay


Knowing our economy is the first step to having healthy finances and a positive credit history. One of the most basic tips that we can offer you to have a good record is that you know your ability to pay. Generally, it is not recommended to acquire debts that exceed 30% of income .

For that reason, if we earn $ 1000 a month, it would not be advisable to reach a level of debt that would make us pay more than $ 300 a month. Keeping this in mind can greatly facilitate the task of paying our debts and, thus, avoid incurring defaults and get a bad record.

Be on time with payments and take debt seriously

Continuing on the topic of debts, taking them seriously is essential. The best way to show the entity that we take seriously the responsibility of paying debts is to be punctual in payments .

In addition, this not only affects a good credit history, but it can save us. If each month we are late in the dates of our payments, we will accumulate interest and late fees, which will gradually undermine our family finances.

Have a family budget

To know how our economy works and to be able to make better use of our money, we need to know how much money goes into our account each month and how much goes out. In this way, we can make a realistic balance of our money, and we will know what expenses we can assume, which can wait and which are definitely dispensable.

In addition, with the help of the family budget it can be much easier to anticipate our next expenses and, in that way, take care of having enough money to meet them. For example, we will be fully aware of the next payment date for the credit card or the telephone bill.

Even, it is possible that thanks to good family management of the economy, we do not need to use aid such as a credit card. This will undoubtedly benefit our credit history.

Compare between different offers

comparing offers

Finally, if we need to get financing to face an unforeseen event, or to get the money necessary for a project, it is important that we compare . Comparing between the different offers on the market, we can choose the one that best suits our needs.

A good choice in terms of the credits and loans that we request will make us more likely to pay on time and, thus, enjoy a good history.

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