Abusive interests = revolving cards, how to claim?

If you have a revolving card and you think you are overpaying, it may be time to stop.

And it is that according to the sentences handed down recently by the Supreme Court, the interests of the revolving cards are equated with usury.

Therefore, if we have contracted one of these cards for which we pay disproportionate interest, we are in time to cancel your contract, and claim the corresponding amount through the courts.

Below we solve your doubts and explain how you can claim zero interest on your revolving card.

Abusive interest cards, what are they and how to detect them?


If you have contracted a revolving card and you have doubts about whether you are a victim of disproportionate and unfair interest charges, we will show you the types of interest applied to this product: remunerative interest, and interest on late payment or late payment.

  • Remuneration interest : they refer to the amount destined to the payment of the credit. When they are excessive, the law considers it "usurious" interest with the effect of invalidating the card in question. This interest rate will be valued to determine if the default interest is abusive.
  • Interest on late payment or arrears : they refer to the compensation we pay in the case of delays in the payment of return fees. In case of disproportion in their application, they may be considered abusive with the effect of nullity in the clause that establishes them with the permanence of the contract.

As established in article 85.6 of the General Law of Consumers and Users : "Those clauses that imply disproportionately high taxation on the consumer and user who do not comply with their obligations will be abusive."

An abusive interest rate is higher than the normal interest on money . To check the normal value of money, we can consult the data published in the official statistics of the Bank of United States. It is estimated that an interest rate above 20% would be suspected of violating the rule , and therefore could be considered an abusive interest rate.

How to claim abusive interest on revolving cards

If we are in a situation in which we need to claim the money corresponding to the interest paid in an excessive way for having a revolving card, then we will tell you everything.

The first step would consist of directing a claim to the Customer Service of the card issuing entity , going in case of lack of response or denial by the entity before the Bank of United States.

After the last judgment of the Supreme Court 149/2020 published in this matter, the entities of the sector avoid going to trial by offering us out-of-court settlements .

Given that each situation is different, it is also possible that financial institutions consider it appropriate to go to trial, for which we need to verify that we comply with these conditions:

  • The remunerative interest rate of our card is higher than the normal interest rate of money,
  • The issuing entity of the card has no cause or reason that justifies the abusive collection of such percentage of interest.

Companies specialized in claims

Revolving cards

The jurisprudence issued in March 2020 by the Supreme Court, represents a great opportunity for many of the users who are victims of the abusive interests of revolving cards.

Given the increase in demand for this type of claims, more and more companies specialize in offering this type of advice, thanks to which we will be able to cancel the card contract and recover the amount paid more as interest.

Reclama Por Mí is a platform of lawyers specialized in claims of those affected by revolving cards, to which we can turn if we think of claiming the return of the interest on our card. It is enough to contact them to receive free personalized advice aimed at knowing our rights as consumers and knowing if we are in a position to demand timely compensation for it.

What are the consequences of suffering disproportionate interests?

Being victims of abusive interests forces us to assume the payment of an inordinate amount. So much so that on many occasions the amount granted is exceeded, plunging our economy into an endless payment of fees that never end.

And it is that this type of interest has the particularity of reducing our financial capacity, making it difficult to fulfill the full repayment of the debt.

Therefore, if we are paying too much interest, we will be assuming too high a cost for the amount granted, a fact that will affect our economic situation and increase our debt level, which could lead to our data being included in delinquency files like Credit Checker .

If we find ourselves in a more complicated situation and our only alternative is to start from scratch, you may be interested in more information about how the Second Chance Law works , and how you can benefit from it.

Whatever our situation, having the possibility of claiming the money we overpay is good news for so many consumers of revolving cards mired in debt.

Now being able to cancel the card and receive the money that corresponds to us is possible , and opens a new path in favor of consumer rights.

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