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Abusive interests = revolving cards, how to claim?

If you have a revolving card and you think you are overpaying, it may be time to stop.

And it is that according to the sentences handed down recently by the Supreme Court, the interests of the revolving cards are equated with usury.

Therefore, if we have contracted one of these cards for which we pay disproportionate interest, we are in time to cancel your contract, and claim the corresponding amount through the courts.

Below we solve your doubts and explain how you can claim zero interest on your revolving card.

How to get credit by charging a minimum rent

If at this time your income comes from the collection of aid such as the minimum income, or the minimum vital income, and you do not know if in these circumstances you could obtain an online loan, from RegBio Loan we answer all your questions, and help you find the right financing you need no matter what your situation is .

Therefore, if you are looking for an urgent loan and you have doubts about your possibilities since you do not have a payroll, do not worry, since you can obtain the financing you need just by crediting the income of a minimum income on a regular basis.

How to get out of debt if I don't have money

When debts overwhelm us and we also do not have the necessary money to pay them off, we face moments of economic difficulty in which our only option is to find a way out that allows us to leave our debts behind, regardless of our financial situation .

But how can we cancel our debts if we don't have money?

From RegBio Loan we want to help you find the best financing alternative according to your case. That is why we offer you useful information on the different ways to get out of debt when we do not have money.

Right of withdrawal and cancellation of online loans

When it comes to acquiring an online loan , there is the possibility of availing yourself of the "Right of withdrawal", which gives us the possibility of canceling it up to 14 days after contracting. This right is included in article 28 of Law 16/2011, of June 24, on consumer credit contracts. Below we will tell you all the details regarding this right, in addition to telling you how and when you can exercise it if you contract loans on the internet.

Why haven't they given me the loan?

There are two words that we do not want to read or hear when we are applying for financing: "loan denied." These words are not a dish of good taste for anyone, since when we request financing it is because we really need the money to face an unforeseen event or finance a project for which we do not have sufficient liquidity.

Bearing in mind that no one likes to be denied a loan, next, we are going to see the reasons why a loan can be denied, what is the specific client profile that entities seek when they offer financing, the alternatives that exist at our disposal and some important recommendations to have the loan secured.

How does a bad credit history affect us?

We may not have heard much talk about credit history. However, when it comes to accessing financing, this aspect is very important. If we have a negative credit history , it can be more difficult for us to access the money we need through credit.

To understand it easily, the credit history, also known as credit history, is a report in which our financial history is collected.

Bank overdraft: how does it affect us?

We have heard of bank overdrafts more than once and we may have asked ourselves several questions about it. First of all, what is a bank overdraft? But it is also possible that we have wondered what consequences it has, how much it can cost us to reach this situation, how it can be solved and how we can avoid it . In this article we are going to answer all these questions one by one.

Regulation of fast credits

Quick loans are an easy and safe way to get the financing we need. And, it may be that at some point we have wondered what laws protect us in case of requesting one of these loans . In this article, we are going to see what regulations regulate fast loans and if there is any State agency that is in charge of supervising the entities that grant this kind of loans.

Quick credit verification tools

Among fast credit companies there is increasing competition. When we go to a quick loan, it is usually due to the need for urgent financing to solve some type of unforeseen event. At those times, one of the main factors that we take into account when choosing one entity or another is the speed of its services.

For this reason, in order to attract a greater number of clients, lenders have begun to resort to automated verification systems . These systems allow them to evaluate and grant credits in record time. In addition, they collaborate in the elimination of paperwork, carry out an immediate credit analysis of the applicant and decide, automatically and practically immediately, the acceptance or denial of the loan.

How to know if a loan is reliable - Anti-scam guide

Quick loans have great advantages: they are fast, comfortable and, in most cases, safe. In fact, in recent years the number of people who resort to this type of financing to deal with their lack of liquidity has grown enormously . However, as with any other type of product, there are fraudulent companies. Therefore, it is important to know how to avoid scams when applying for a quick loan.

Second Chance Law

Law 25/2015, of July 28, on the mechanism of second chance, reduction of the financial burden and other social measures, known as the Second Chance Law that serves to cancel the debts of self-employed workers and individuals : it is a administrative process in which both individuals and freelancers can negotiate an out-of- court agreement with their creditors (bank, clients, suppliers), and in the event of not reaching any agreement, request the cancellation or exoneration of their debts through the courts .

Payment protection insurance for loans

Payment protection insurance is a type of insurance marketed by Banks and Financial Institutions when we contract a personal or mortgage loan that provides us with the necessary coverage to face your payments in the absence of income as a result of temporary disability, unemployment or death .

Financing through online loans

Fast loans The best information we can find on the internet about fast online loans and the entities that grant them.
Personal loans Complete and updated list of online personal loans of up to 50,000 US dollars with flexible installments and without changing banks.
Loans without payroll Fast online credits in which we will not be required to have a payroll as an essential requirement for approval.
Loans without endorsement Quick personal loans that do not require any type of property (home, car, premises, ... etc.) as collateral.
Instant mini-credits Online mini-credits with which you can get money instantly without paperwork and without unnecessary paperwork.
Interest-free credits Updated collection of all online loans without interest or commissions that we will get free and at 0% interest.
Paperless credits Quick loans without paperwork with 100% online processing and in which they will ask us for few requirements and minimal documentation.
Cards of easy approval Selection of credit cards easy to obtain with online contracting and without the need to change banks.
Loans with Credit Checker Valuable list of urgent credits that accept Credit Checker indicated to solve difficult situations, whether or not we have a payroll.
Urgent credits Online credits with immediate response that will allow us to obtain money with very few requirements and practically on the spot.
Debt reunification Unifying multiple loans into one allows us to refinance outstanding debts and reduce our monthly payment.
Loan for your car We will obtain credit with the car as a guarantee or guarantee and we will continue driving our vehicle while we enjoy the money.
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