Expenses, can’t you afford them? Request a mini credit!

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Because a home does not only imply the payment of the mortgage

Because a home does not only imply the payment of the mortgage

Maybe if you stop to think about the expenses you have each month, the accounts do not go out, even calculating everything with extreme caution and attention or even saving as much as we can.

And they may not come out because, we could almost dare to say that it is more what we have of expenses than what we have of income. For those who find themselves in despair of not being able to meet those expenses, a mini-loan can help them.

But, before telling you about the advantages of this financial solution, we are going to detail the expenses that, in the beginning, every family has to do.

Common expenses in family homes

Common expenses in family homes

Rent or mortgage.

This is one of the most worrisome because it is the one that requires the most investment a priori. The costs of one option or another sometimes resemble depending on the type of housing in question.

Water and electricity.

Both are expenses that yes or yes we have to do if we want to have both supplies. If we are renting, it is likely that the owner offers us the possibility of including both in the monthly payment, although it is not usual.

# Contribution. The contribution is a tax on real estate whose value depends on the cadastral value of the home and the tax rate. It is annual.

# Community. This must also be paid both if we are renting or if the property we live in is ours, except in the case that the tenant of our rental apartment wants to include it or in those cases in which it is not necessary to pay it.

# Insurance. The insurance payment must also be made. There are those who do not insure practically anything, although it is advisable to have life insurance, one for home and one for car (if available).

# Food. Obviously, food is a necessary essential.

# Other expenses. Gasoline or means of transportation, school supplies, clothing and extracurricular activities – in case children are at home.

A mini-loan can help you meet all these expenses. Its advantages include the fact that you can order the quantity you want and choose the return period yourself!

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