The basic advice not to over-borrow with your card this December

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One of the times of greatest expense and lack of control occurs in the last months of the year. The offers for Black Friday and other similar ones, as well as the proximity of Christmas and New Year’s trips, make many times people end up spending more than they can afford, especially when it comes to using the credit card.

Pay your card bill


Why is it so difficult to keep control? Basically, because these dates are full of offers that make it very, very difficult to resist, which results in the end of the month or the beginning of the next one being crazy trying to get the accounts to see how you will be able to pay your card bill. In addition, although the use of plastic allows us to access many
more offers, it is also easy to forget how much we spend, because we do not see the money, that is, we do not have it at hand and we do not see how it is running out.

So, if this December does not want that to happen again, the most basic advice of all is so easy to follow that you will probably think that it should not work, but the truth is that you only have to apply this to achieve control: planning.

How does it work?


What you need is to know for sure how much money you can spend on your purchases without risking your monthly budget. Then, take paper and pencil and make a quick balance of your expenses, to see how much money you will have available at the end of the month to cover your credit card.

Now, if that amount is too small, you can choose to calculate the budget for the following month, in this way you will know how much you can pay in those two months, and make purchases thinking of financing the amount in two installments.

When you have the clear amount, write it down on the cell phone or carry a notebook where you not only write the money you can spend, but also write down the purchases you make and, therefore, you can see little by little, how it gets closer to the amount Total allowed.

The idea of ​​doing this is that you respect the resulting amount and do not risk falling into default with your plastic.


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